Saturday, May 7, 2011

Red Vinyl - Locals Only!!

Hey Toronto,

We're giving you the opportunity to support 2 great local record stores that have been really good to us over the years...

We just got a mystery shipment from Dirtnap records of red vinyl editions of the Cherry Beach EP. We're not sure how many were pressed, but there can't be many (we'll post on here when we sort it out)... to make things even more stupidly rare, we numbered 6 of the red vinyl records and split them between Hits and Misses and Rotate This.

The records are available right now at the stores, BUT you need to spend at least $25 at one of the shops to get to buy the red vinyl Cherry Beach EP. Yeah, we know record store day was last month, but screw Hallmark holidays! Also, we're a bit slow and didn't think of this until now.

So, go buy some records... then ask them for a copy of the "red vinyl" Cherry Beach EP (which should be 6.99 and waiting for you behind the counter). First come, first served ...1 per customer, yadda yadda, gabba gabba hey!

Hits and Misses: 799 Queen St West
Rotate This: 801 Queen Street West

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  1. According to Ken @ Dirtnap there were 200 red vinyl copies pressed for the Cherry Beach EP.