Friday, May 20, 2011

New Song!

For all you snot starved mongoloids this is your lucky month as we've not only got a new EP out, we're also serving up another dose of nasal punk retardation courtesy of The City Limits - 'Down and Out in Toronto and Montreal' comp LP!

This is a compilation that Chris at High Anxiety Records (and a tonne of other Barneys) have been working hard to get out for a long time. Along with all the other wicked bands, they even managed to get a song by Unruled on this!

We're really happy with how our song turned out for this comp... It's probably the most upbeat, summer-appropriate song we've ever written. Like the FU's meet the Beach Boys on a poutine/hotdog hangover!

Here's our new song, 'Delusional':


You can buy the vinyl from No Idea for $8. Also, we've heard rumblings that there will be a tape version available as well -- contact Chris for details.

Track List:
1. Career Suicide - Delusional
2. Bad Choice - Angry Americans
3. Purity Control - Sex Life
4. Snakepit - Justice
5. Mature Situations - Yoga Predator
6. Mad Men - ODIA
7. School Jerks - N/A
8. Brutal Knights - Bad Choice
9. Molested Youth - Genetic Jackhammer
10. Urban Blight - False Truths
11. Total Trash - Violence
12. Burning Love - Mess
13. Slobs - Outlier
14. Foreign Bodies - Downtown Fun
15. Inepsy - Fast Way to Die
16. Castevets - Good Riddance
17. Vile Intent - Jumper
18. Naughty Girls - Left in the Dark
19. Dead Wife - Choke
20. Brazen Hell - Corrosion
21. Bogus Cause - Blame Yourself
22. Unruled - Iraq Attack
23. Omegas - Social Slasher

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ivy League

Last week when I was dropping off copies of Cherry Beach at Rotate and HaM I was surprised to find a free book by local photographer-extraordinaire Ivy Lovell with pics of the Career Suicide show that happened literally a week before... How she managed that time-line is almost as amazing as the photos inside!

Turns out she quietly puts out photobooks on a monthly basis which are available in limited runs (this one is out of just 40) at local record shops around Toronto. They look incredible and they are totally free!

If there are any left, the books can be had at: Sonic Boom Records, Soundscapes, Rotate This and Hits and Misses

Otherwise check out Ivy's photos here:
Or get in touch with her here:

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Red Vinyl - Locals Only!!

Hey Toronto,

We're giving you the opportunity to support 2 great local record stores that have been really good to us over the years...

We just got a mystery shipment from Dirtnap records of red vinyl editions of the Cherry Beach EP. We're not sure how many were pressed, but there can't be many (we'll post on here when we sort it out)... to make things even more stupidly rare, we numbered 6 of the red vinyl records and split them between Hits and Misses and Rotate This.

The records are available right now at the stores, BUT you need to spend at least $25 at one of the shops to get to buy the red vinyl Cherry Beach EP. Yeah, we know record store day was last month, but screw Hallmark holidays! Also, we're a bit slow and didn't think of this until now.

So, go buy some records... then ask them for a copy of the "red vinyl" Cherry Beach EP (which should be 6.99 and waiting for you behind the counter). First come, first served ...1 per customer, yadda yadda, gabba gabba hey!

Hits and Misses: 799 Queen St West
Rotate This: 801 Queen Street West

Career Suicide