Friday, May 20, 2011

New Song!

For all you snot starved mongoloids this is your lucky month as we've not only got a new EP out, we're also serving up another dose of nasal punk retardation courtesy of The City Limits - 'Down and Out in Toronto and Montreal' comp LP!

This is a compilation that Chris at High Anxiety Records (and a tonne of other Barneys) have been working hard to get out for a long time. Along with all the other wicked bands, they even managed to get a song by Unruled on this!

We're really happy with how our song turned out for this comp... It's probably the most upbeat, summer-appropriate song we've ever written. Like the FU's meet the Beach Boys on a poutine/hotdog hangover!

Here's our new song, 'Delusional':


You can buy the vinyl from No Idea for $8. Also, we've heard rumblings that there will be a tape version available as well -- contact Chris for details.

Track List:
1. Career Suicide - Delusional
2. Bad Choice - Angry Americans
3. Purity Control - Sex Life
4. Snakepit - Justice
5. Mature Situations - Yoga Predator
6. Mad Men - ODIA
7. School Jerks - N/A
8. Brutal Knights - Bad Choice
9. Molested Youth - Genetic Jackhammer
10. Urban Blight - False Truths
11. Total Trash - Violence
12. Burning Love - Mess
13. Slobs - Outlier
14. Foreign Bodies - Downtown Fun
15. Inepsy - Fast Way to Die
16. Castevets - Good Riddance
17. Vile Intent - Jumper
18. Naughty Girls - Left in the Dark
19. Dead Wife - Choke
20. Brazen Hell - Corrosion
21. Bogus Cause - Blame Yourself
22. Unruled - Iraq Attack
23. Omegas - Social Slasher

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