Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cherry Beach

We have a new record!

The Cherry Beach EP is officially out on Dirtnap Records ...available as of this weekend.

These songs were all recorded/mastered by Jon Drew (who is a straight-up audio magician and also worked with us on Attempted Suicide). You might recognize alternate versions of 2 of the songs from this record which originally appeared on a UK/Northern Ireland tour EP that we made 300 copies of in 2008.

We're stoked to give this record a proper release --recorded in a studio with Jon, as opposed to our own version that we pieced together with 1 microphone on a 4-track in our practice space.

Huge thanks to Ken at Dirtnap and Dave Neason who worked with all of our dumb ideas (aping Rocket To Russia) and did an amazing job drawing all the artwork on the EP and poster.

The Cherry Beach EP should be available at most record stores, distros, etc... more details at the Dirtnap site.

Here's the official version of the title track...


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